29 julho 2013

Rammed Earth Contractors' Workshop 2013_BC_AS_Belgium

Rammed Earth Contractors' Workshop 2013

From 23rd of september to 4th of october, Bc studies is organizing a Rammed Earth workshop for contractors in East-Flanders, Belgium, with techniques learned at Martin Rauch and Craterre.
In this workshop, 4 walls will be built, of which some load-bearing. Earth from the site will be tested and reformulated through the addition of sand and gravel, and rammed into a concrete formwork. The walls are conform the German Lehmbau-norms, and the soon to be French Atex-norms.
Rammed Earth walls are beneficial for the indoor climate of buildings, due to their thermal inertia while still being damp open and water resistant.
The workshop aims at delivering knowledge transfer and capacity-building in Belgium or Europe in contemporary Rammed Earth techniques, with earth from the site, and is specifically directed towards contractors, providing information on machinery, supply chain, soil testing, mixing technique, ramming technique, finishing, rainwater-management, ...
For more information (and the brochure), please contact 

Interested contractors should be officially registered in Europe, and communicate their interest before 20th of august.

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