18 julho 2013

Earthen Construction Symposium: Durham 2013

Earthen Construction Symposium: Durham 2013
On July 2nd Durham University hosted a day long event for researchers, architects and engineers to present current academic research and discuss the direction of earthen construction research within the UK and across Europe. The symposium opened with a keynote address by the Chair of Earth Building UK, Dr Paul Jaquin, contained two workshops discussing the future of research into earthen construction research and had six presentations covering a wide range of topics. The symposium organisers would like to thank all who presented and attended for their invaluable contributions to the day and look forward to hearing more about their earthen construction research in the future.
To download a full symposium report click here.
To download the presentation slides please click on the relevant presentation below.
The impact of contamination on soils used in earthen construction: Marta Zurakowska (University of the West of Scotland)

It is hoped that the Earthen Construction Symposium will return to Durham in 2014 and will then become an annual event that can be hosted by different institutions across Europe.

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