25 junho 2021

Exemplo_Yishan Pinnacle Flagship Store_China

© Fotos: Yu Bai
Yishan Pinnacle Flagship Store
Shenzen, China
Architects: ARCity Office
Year: 2019
Photographs: Yu Bai

Text description by the architects.
"Yepsun Quality Cultural and Creative Store is located in the Pingshan cultural community in Shenzhen, Pingshan Art Museum. The indoor area is about 400 square meters, with a floor height of 5 meters. This store displays and sells a full range of products from the local brand Yepsun Quality, as well as books, coffee and tea, and can contain cultural and social activities. The interior design of this store was completed by ARCity Office, opening in November 2019.(...)
Designers abstracts some typical elements of traditional Hakka buildings in Pingshan (such as tenon and tenon mortise, through-beams, rammed earth walls, large green brick floors, etc.). Distributed in the space, they are both abstract and figurative, rational and sensual, and enhance the unique atmosphere of the space.
In combination with the grid space of wooden beams, rammed earth walls and piercing beams are used in some areas, which are abstraction of tradition Hakka settlement construction in Pingshan. The rammed earth materials were collected from a nearby old building ruin. By reusing these materials, the essence of the local culture is preserved. The cross-beam, a common structural form in Hakka houses, was abstracted and grafted into the grid system, creating a unique sense of the traditional."
Rammed earth wall

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