02 julho 2021

Exemplo_Museum Goldkammer_Frankfurt_Alemanha

© Photos: Marcus Ebener, Hubertus Hamm
Museum Goldkammer_Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Year: 2017 - 2019
Client: Degussa Sonne-Mond Goldhandel GmbH
Architecture: hg merz gmbH, Berlin
Rammed Earth Builder: Lehm Ton Erde Baukunst GmbH

"After four years of design, planning, and construction, one of Europe’s most modern museums opened its doors on May 2019: the Goldkammer Frankfurt. In the middle of Frankfurt’s densely built Westend, the biggest architectural challenge was to showcase the fascinating world of gold in an extremely limited space. On a total of just 480 square meters, the Berlin based exhibition designers from merz merz created an expressive setting for more than 500 gold artefacts from the most varied eras of the past 6,000 years with a spectacular sequence of underground tunnels and treasure chambers. With an unobtrusive but emphatic display of the exhibits via integrated lighting elements, Licht Kunst Licht emphasizes the composition of this innovative exhibition concept.
The main area of the museum is devoted to the topics of Gold as Currency, Early Cultures, and Jewelry. The rooms are clad with rammed earth and their upward tapering room geometries and inclined loam plaster ceilings are reminiscent of the ancient Egyptian and Mayan pyramids.
Two of the highlights of the exhibition – the only surviving gold bust of Licinius I and a precious gold mask from Colombia – are shown in two opposing chambers, linked by the exhibition space "Ancient Cultures".
© Photos: Marcus Ebener
For more information about the project go to Museu Goldkammer website here.

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