14 junho 2021

Exemplo_Sport Facilities Sihlhölzli_Zurique_Suiça

© Foto: Michael Freisager
Sport Facilities Sihlhölzli em Zurique, Suíça
Arquitecto: Roger Boltshauser @rogerboltshauser
Parede de terra comprimida: Martin Rauh @erden.at
Estruturas: BKM Ingenieure
Construtor: Lehm Ton Erde Baukunst GmbH

'The historical important sport facilities, done by architect Herter was supplemented by 3 equipment sheds and a tower in 2001, planned by architect Roger Boltshauser. The new buildings were done in rammed earth techniques, the roof and flooring are in fair-faced concrete. The load of the concrete ceilings is carried directly by the solid rammed earth walls. The changing use of concrete and the layered rammed earth, underlines the body-like impression of the buildings. On the face side of the ceiling layers the rammed earth walls are literally framed by the floor and ceiling levels. The ceilings seem to mount and press the rammed earth into the floor. In this way 75 t of concrete constructions are carried by 65 t of rammed earth.

© Foto Beat Bühler
As an erosion protection the horizontal reinforcements are pressed into mortar bands in regular intervals. The process is characterized by a strong ornamental impression of the surface. Light, color and shadow impressions overlay the preliminary, homogeneous material with a strong texture. Its impression can be compared to the cutting face of geological formations, as remembered by the request from Loos, in which the ornament is to be searched inside the material and in Mies v. d. Rohe use of marble tiles.'

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