04 novembro 2022

Conservation of Earthen Architecture_Spring 2022

Conservation Perspectives, The GCI Newsletter
Conservation of Earthen Architecture_Spring 2022
In this issue
- From Visionary Leadership to a Field of Study: Over Fifty Years of Earthen Architecture Conservation by Claudia Cancino
- Ancient Traditions, Modern Education: Capacity Building for Earthen Heritage Conservation by Benjamin Marcus
- Preserving Earthen Settlements in Oman: Conservation and Adaptive Reuse of Vernacular Heritage by Soumyen Bandyopadhyay
- Digital Twins and Real-Time Monitoring: New Techniques for Analyzing Historic Andean Adobe Churches by Rafael Aguilar
- A Delicate Balance: A Conversation about the Conservation of Earthen Archaeological Sites
- Resources A list of resources related to the conservation of earthen architecture
- GCI News with project updates, events, and publications
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