quarta-feira, 3 de julho de 2013

Earth Hunting Cabin_Belgium_2012_BC-AS Architects

BC-AS Architects Complete Rammed Earth Hunting Cabin in Belgium
by Wesley Degreef

Last year, BC Architects organized Belgium’s first rammed earth workshop to build a small but comfortable hunting cabin from about 30 square meters of rammed earth. The foundation and roof work was completed by the architects, while workshop participants created the rammed earth walls. The resulting Maison de Chasse (a house for hunters) has a natural, organic color that blends in with the surrounding forest. The modest structure contains a chimney, a place for wood storage, and large windows that look out on the forest. “The texture of the rammed earth walls gives it a natural look, and the very existence of this building, proves that the triangle between architect-contractor-client can be modified to implement a more horizontal approach to construction,” the architects explain.
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