20 outubro 2022

ERDEN Werkhalle Open Night_28Oct2022

Photo (c): Hanno Mackowitz

ERDEN Werkhalle Open Night – Coming up on the 28th of October 2022, the production hall / earth lab / tourist attraction will be open to the public.
As part of the @vai_architektur_institut's ‘Architecture On Site’ tours, the ERDEN Werkhalle will be cleaned up and (partially) dusted to showcase where and how they make their giant loamy Lego blocks.
If you haven’t seen contemporary rammed earth on a large scale before, this will be the chance to do so.
The massive south wall is over 60m long, 9m high, up to 90cm thick, is structurally load-bearing, and all made of raw earth from site. They’ll be showing the ins and outs of the building, their process, and probably dropping a handful of truth bombs about construction sustainability along the way.

Roller doors open at 17:00. Curiosity open indefinitely :)

Link here

Photo (c): Hanno Mackowitz

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