27 abril 2012

Mud Hall_Harvard University

Mud Hall is a project initiated by Harvard University’s 2012 Loeb Fellows to promote awareness about rammed earth construction and to challenge conventional thinking about green building.
Raw earth is the most plentiful and sustainable building material on the planet, yet architects rarely incorporate it into their designs.
To demonstrate the potential of mud and clay for everyday buildings, the Loeb Fellows are enlisted 25 students at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design to construct a rammed earth structure at the entrance to the school’s celebrated Gund Hall.
Mud Hall is meant to offer an alternative to the current orthodoxy about sustainable construction.
In addition to the rammed earth installations, an exhibit demonstrating materials, techniques and buildings that demonstrate contemporary earth architecture were presented.

© Fotos: Iwan Baan

For more information visit the Mud Hall blog, which chronicle the evolution of the Mud Hall project, and offer detailed information about the rammed earth process.

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