17 fevereiro 2011

Dutch Studygroup Earth construction_Holanda

Dutch Studygroup Earth construction

It’s already 20 years ago that the first little modern house in the south of Holland was built in clay with some enthusiastic volunteers. This marks the beginning of several projects, workshops and publications about earth and earth construction in the Netherlands. Meanwhile there are several professional architects, builders and manufacturers specialised in earth construction. The Dutch Association for Integral Biological Architecture (VIBA) recently started the Dutch Workgroup on Earth Construction.

It has the aim to centralise and share the knowledge present nowadays, to organise excursions/workshops/seminars, to research and make publications, start a database, participate on an international level etc.

For more information contact Sjap Holst eco-design@arTchitecture.nl or Charles Thuijls info@leemwerk.nl.

The first coming big event of the DWEC is the Dutch National Conference on Building with Earth. Planned on the 17th of March 2011 in Tilburg, in the southwest of the Netherlands.

Gernot Minke will start the conference with a presentation about research and the qualities of clay. We’ll have several masterclasses about durability of clay, designing wit clay, large-scale clay construction, and the possibilities of mechanization.

On the site there will be several practical workshops during the day.

For more information see www.sbr.nl/leembouwcongres.

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