04 agosto 2010


Workshops at Cal-Earth (The California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture)
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September 20-25 One-Week Workshop
October 18-23 One-Week Workshop
November 15-20 One Week Workshop

What are the subjects taught?
Below is a list of topics covered in our workshops. Teaching methods are in the tradition of Nader Khalili with philosophy, design theory, and principles taught through the expression of the hands-on experience.

Topics Covered:
The principle of the arch
Superadobe basics
Soils practicum and discussion
Super-adobe with stabilized earth
Plaster workshop with stabilized earth
Learning to read blueprints, elements of design, placing windows and doors
Contrasting domes with vaults, vaulted roofing system, dome geometry
Site planning, orientation, simple solar passive strategies
Compass theory and application
Waterproofing, foundations
Ceramics discussion and Introduction
Properties of clay, ceramics as art and aesthetics & ceramic architecture
Building with brick & firing a ceramic dome — demonstration and discussion

One-week intensive workshop - $1,600 (For couples and groups a discount of 20% applies for the 2nd person onwards.)

More information on Call-Earth website

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