15 janeiro 2010

European clay plaster workshops_2010

European clay plaster workshops for 2010
Comenius/Grundtvig course DE-2010-1018-001
New Educational Approach in Sustainable Natural Building Part IClay Plaster - Module 1Workshop for trainers and educators.
May 15th - May 22nd 2010and

Comenius/Grundtvig course DE-2010-1019-001
New Educational Approach in Sustainable Natural Building Part IIClay Plaster - Module 2Workshop for trainers and educators
July 17th – July 25th 2010

Participation in these courses may be supported by the European Commission in the framework of the Grundtvig Programme - through mobility grants under the In-Service Training Scheme.
If you are interested in participating in our 2010 European courses and you want to ask for a Grundtivig mobility grant, the deadline for submitting your application is the 15 January 2010.

Please contact herz@earthbuilding.eu, if you need more information.
Uta HerzFAL e.V.
European School for Earth Building

Tel: 0049 30 41 716601
email: herz@earthbuilding

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