25 outubro 2008

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Conservation of Clay and Chalk Buildings
by Gordon Pearsonitle

ISBN: 1873394004
PUBLISHER: Donhead Publishing, 1992

This standard work provides practical guidance on appropriate methods of conservation and repair of earth buildings using traditional materials. It is the first major book on the subject of earth building since Clough Williams-Ellis and the Eastwick-Fields published Building in Cob, Pisé and Stabilised Earth in 1947. It deals with the qualities and characteristics of clay and chalk and the way in which they have been used to construct buildings. Advice is given on soil analysis, the philosophy of repair techniques and the factors to be considered before altering, converting or extending an earth building. The author primarily advocates repair techniques using traditional materials but the role and suitability of certain modern materials is also considered.
This book will be essential reading for surveyors, architects, conservation officers, building contractors and owners seeking practical guidance on the construction, conservation or repair of earth buildings.

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